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Climate Action Workforce

Make your team’s personal and professional lives Climate Positive and grow a company forest today.

Ecologi Zero

Real-time carbon footprint analysis and offset your emissions to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

Marketplace for climate action

Buy Gold Standard (or similar) carbon offsets and fund climate action. Our low margin means our price is hard to beat.

Integrate climate action everywhere

Plant a tree for every sale? Offset every transaction? From API to Shopify, we have it covered.

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  • Show the action you’re taking
  • Grow your own forest
  • Highly certified climate action
  • Signpost your sustainability goals

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    Lucy & Yak

    "Ecologi is one of the most exciting things we’ve discovered this year!"

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    Acer UK

    "Ecologi provide a great solution and excellent service that is easy to use. The team is friendly and helpful too."

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    ustwo Games

    "Ecologi are a like minded partner who help us achieve extraordinary results."

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Supporting the best in climate action

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    We answer your questions

    • Why choose Ecologi?

      When it comes to putting money into climate solutions, the service that helps you with this needs to be exceptional.

      On what we choose to do today, almost all life on Earth will feel the effects of this for millennia to come. This fact is deep in our DNA, and it guides everything we do as a social enterprise.

      We believe we have the values, and heart, to be trusted to enable your business to make the biggest, most meaningful impact you can have on securing a prosperous planet.

      The founding team were the original cynical customers of our own service: We needed everything to be radically transparent; to basically cost as much as it would be if you paid the project developer yourself; to support projects that are certified to the highest available standards; and to be able to demonstrate to the world your impact far beyond just a PDF certificate (example profile).

      We know trust is a big factor in your decision, please check out our reviews, and if you have any concerns reach out to us.

    • What is a Climate Positive Workforce?

    • How are businesses using Ecologi?

    • Can I offset my company's entire carbon footprint?

    • Can I offset my company's emissions by planting trees?

    • How can you prove the impact?

    • How much of the money goes to climate action?

    • Is this tax deductible?

    Get started with a Climate Positive Workforce

    All that’s needed is the number of employees and indication of your business travel. We’ll help you with that. Sign up today.

    100 free trees for every new customer

    Here at Ecologi we love trees, they play a vital part in protecting our planet. We'll fund the planting of 100 trees through our reforestations partners for any new business who takes action and joins Ecologi during Earth Month 🌱

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