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Connect your accounting or bank software securely for realtime analysis of your business emissions. Or simply upload a CSV.


With real-time insight in your footprint, opportunities leap out. You will be able to set targets for your own path to net zero.


Compensate your emissions through funding the best in climate action and achieve certified carbon neutral status.

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The next generation of carbon accounting

Your financial history describes your footprint

Your carbon footprint should be more than just a utility bill, business travel and overall expenditure. Make sure everything is counted, no matter how small.

The bookkeeping you are already doing provides an amazing view of where the emissions are happening within your business.

The anatomy of a transaction

Our system identifies the industry and country of origin for your suppliers. In most cases this will be automatic. This information is then correlated with expansive carbon databases to arrive at the emissions per transaction.

The methodology is entirely transparent, vetted by our Climate Committee, and of course, follows best-practise.

Insights that lead to action

With a constantly up to date dashboard at your fingertips, we’ll guide you through your Net Zero targets, and help you achieve widely recognised environmental standards.

Your public impact profile

  • Show the action you’re taking
  • Grow your own forest
  • Highly certified climate action
  • Signpost your sustainability goals

Compensate for your emissions with the best in certified climate action

Renewable Energy

We regularly fund clean energy projects such as wind and solar, small hydro, and geothermal power plants – to displace fossil fuels on their local grids.


As well as our tree-planting initiatives, we also fund projects like REDD+ avoided deforestation projects, to protect old growth rainforests like the Amazon.


We fund verified carbon projects that benefit the community, such as repairing water boreholes and providing fuel-efficient cookstoves.

Methane capture & storage

We support CCS projects such as landfill methane capture, to prevent harmful emissions from directly entering the atmosphere.

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The climate science that underpins Ecologi

    Your questions answered

    • What is Ecologi Zero?

      Ecologi Zero is an emissions calculation tool, designed to help your business work out your operational carbon footprint.

      The tool supports you through securely importing your business’s data, producing emissions calculations from the data for Scopes 1, 2 and 3, and helps you to identify where emissions hotspots are, within your value chain. Using Ecologi Zero over time will allow you to track your business emissions, and set targets to reduce them over time, in order to play your part in transitioning to a low-carbon future.

      Whilst complex – often very expensive – consultancy services to calculate business emissions are available on the market, Ecologi Zero makes carbon calculation more accessible: making the exercise affordable and rapid, and requiring no prior knowledge of carbon accounting.

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    Other ways to make impact

    There are several ways for your business to take climate action with Ecologi.

    Climate Positive Workforce

    Grow a company forest today, and offset the emissions from your team’s personal and professional lives.

    Get started

    Path to Zero

    Real-time carbon footprint analysis and offset your emissions to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

    Marketplace for climate action

    Buy Gold Standard (or similar) carbon offsets and fund climate action. Our low margin means our price is hard to beat.

    Integrate climate action everywhere

    Plant a tree for every sale? Offset every transaction? From API to Shopify, we have it covered.

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