Climate Action Workforce

Climate Action Workforce

Support your sustainability journey with a simple monthly subscription that rewards your team, and our planet. Give your employees a more meaningful perk by funding certified carbon avoidance and tree planting projects every month.

Join 12,000+ businesses that are taking climate action.

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Your potential climate action:


Trees funded

Every month


Tonnes of CO2e

Avoided every month

What’s included in your subscription?

  • 1

    Monthly climate action

    Every month you’ll automatically fund certified high-impact carbon avoidance projects all around the world, as well as funding tree planting that boosts local communities and biodiversity.

  • 2

    Your own public profile

    See your supported projects and achievements come to life, share your good work, and set goals to reduce your emissions, all through your business profile and dashboard.

  • 3

    A plan that flexes with your team

    Scale your subscription to match your headcount, and make a positive contribution for every employee. Edit, pause or cancel anytime.

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Why start a Climate Action Workforce?

Climate action for your team

Grow your own company forest
Grow your own company forest

Watch your virtual forest grow while funding the planting of native trees all around the world, from Scotland to Madagascar, Peru to Morocco. Our community has funded over 65m trees and counting.

Fund high quality climate projects
Fund high quality climate projects

From renewable energy, to forest protection, to clean water community initiatives, our global projects are certified to the highest standards. Our in-house climate team carefully chooses projects in the locations that will benefit most.

Access tools to reward your team

Offer a perk that means more. What better way to reward your team and prove you’re a business worth working for? We make it easy to share your impact with your team using the toolkits in your profile.

Build a sustainability profile
Build a sustainability profile

Choose the amount of impact you’d like to make per employee from our three Climate Action Workforce plans. You can easily make adjustments as your team changes and grows.

Support the best in climate action


Made to fit your team

Choose the amount of impact you'd like to make per employee from our three Climate Action Workforce plans. You can easily make adjustments as your team changes and grows.

Ultimate plan

£21.40/month per employee

Double your impact and put the climate at the top of your agenda.96 trees funded/year

16 tonnes of CO2e avoided/year

Essential plan

£10.70/month per employee

Make an impact with our most popular plan.48 trees funded/year

8 tonnes of CO2e avoided/year

Starter plan

£5.35/month per employee

Get started in your climate action journey.
24 trees funded/year

4 tonnes of CO2e avoided/year

What our customers say

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    Star Editions

    "Ecologi perfectly resonates with our company ethos and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this movement."

    Will Marston, CEO
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  • Testimonial image for Victoria James, Director

    Great State

    "Ecologi was an absolute winner with our employees; it received the 'best benefit' award 2019."

    Victoria James, Director
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    Your Coop

    "We love the interactive nature of the forest profiles, the simplicity of the integrations, and the transparency of the organisation."

    Andy Kelley, Commercial Operations Manager
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Our monthly projects

Take climate action and support local communities

Ecologi project
Gewocha Forest, Ethiopia

The project focusses on three aims: forest restoration, securing communal ownership of the community forest, and agroforestry. These strategies will help ensure the long-term, sustainable use of the land by and promote better health and wellbeing among the people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you choose which projects you support?

    At Ecologi, our Impact Team maintain an in-depth project selection and due diligence process to ensure that we are supporting projects with the highest chance of success.

    Before we scrutinise the projects on an individual basis, we also have our internal strategy for selecting the kinds of projects we support – based on the latest science. This is a regionalised strategy – which means that our team took a look at exactly which kinds of climate interventions are best applied where in the world – according to the latest science.

    You can download and read our Climate Impact Regionalisation Strategy in full, here.

  • How can you prove my impact?

  • What's the survival rate of these trees?

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Automatically fund tree planting for every order or support verified climate projects with each transaction, through our simple integrations.

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