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More than 250 employees or not exactly what you’re looking for? Get in touch

Climate positive

Ultimate employees

US$64.95/monthper employee

For employees who travel more than average or if you want to contribute more

20 trees funded/month

44 tonnes CO2 avoided/year (~2x footprint*)

Climate positive

Essential employees

US$32.50/monthper employee

The perfect sized, climate positive plan for a typical employee

10 trees funded/month

22 tonnes CO2 avoided/year (~1x footprint*)

Climate friendly

Starter employees

US$16.25/monthper employee

A climate friendly plan for employees that don’t do a lot of travel

5 trees funded/month

11 tonnes CO2 avoided/year (~1/2x footprint*)


Select essential or ultimate employees if you want to be climate positive

Total employees:


Monthly total


This charge is not VAT applicable as the service is VAT exempt

Your business’ impact

Trees planted

every month

Tonnes CO2

reduced every year

* 1 footprint = 22 tonnes of CO2

Would you like to also support a local project?

Plant extra trees in the US

The majority of the reforestation we do happens in low cost, high impact parts of the world to be as effective as possible during the climate crisis. However, you can now add support for a project in the US by planting a new tree each month with a small additional payment.

Read more about our US tree planting projects

Special tile in your forest
Returning mining, logging, and agricultural land to balance
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United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030

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