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More than 250 employees or not exactly what you’re looking for? Get in touch

Climate friendly

Starter employees

$16.25/monthper employee

A climate friendly plan for employees that don’t do a lot of travel

5 trees planted/month

11 tonnes CO2 reduced/year (~1/2x footprint*)

Climate positive

Essential employees

$32.50/monthper employee

The perfect sized, climate positive plan for a typical employee

10 trees planted/month

22 tonnes CO2 reduced/year (~1x footprint*)

Climate positive

Ultimate employees

$64.95/monthper employee

For employees who travel more than average or if you want to contribute more

20 trees planted/month

44 tonnes CO2 reduced/year (~2x footprint*)


Select essential or ultimate employees if you want to be climate positive

Total employees:


Monthly total


This charge is not VAT applicable as the service is VAT exempt

Your business’ impact

Trees planted

every month

Tonnes CO2

reduced every year

* 1 footprint = 22 tonnes of CO2
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