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    Plant at least 2 trees per month and watch your forest grow. You’ll be creating employment for local families and restoring wildlife habitats.

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Plant trees at home in the UK

We support innovative projects across the UK.

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Support even more projects through our Impact Shop

All Ecologi members automatically have access to our Impact Shop, where you can fund a wide range of climate solutions anytime. From renewables to community-based and nature-based carbon avoidance projects, support whichever means the most to you.
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    Jame White

    "I felt so relieved having stumbled across Ecologi. Seeing my donations (as well as my extremely large dog’s) go towards real projects making a real difference."

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    "It's really reassuring to be able to contribute to a company that I know is environmentally conscious and doing good in the world. "

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    Johan Duramy

    "Ecologi is a great solution in helping us achieve our goal of a net zero carbon footprint. "

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Recent projects we’ve supported

Reforestation benefits the earth and local communities.

Ecologi project
Reforesting Madagascar

Madagascar has suffered extreme deforestation, losses of 90% of the rainforest. You'll be planting trees here.

We answer your questions

  • Why did we create Ecologi?

    So we can do something about this! We’ve got an incredible opportunity to turn this mess around and be the greatest thing our generation does. We’re not waiting for politicians to make the necessary changes to put us on the right course.

    Contributing to climate crisis solutions is hard. Apart from some lifestyle choices that you can make there’s little you can easily do.

    We started this when we found that we can make an incredible impact with just a few pounds a month. Read more.

  • Is my carbon footprint that big?

  • Can this stop climate change?

  • Is my carbon footprint offset by newly-planted trees?

  • How do you ensure the trees are protected?

  • Are you a registered charity?

  • How can you prove my impact?

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