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From tree planting, to funding certified climate avoidance projects, through to calculating your business' footprint, we're your trusted partner in taking climate action for our planet.

Join 12,000+ businesses that are taking climate action.

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What we offer

Climate action comes in all shapes and sizes, browse our products below.

Custom climate action
Custom climate action

For businesses looking for a custom climate impact solution, or are not sure where to start. Our team of experts are here to create a solution to suit your needs.

Suitable for: 50+ FTE or more established businesses
Great for: Speaking to our experts and booking a demo

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Enterprise carbon quote

Our bespoke quote service supports customers looking to procure large volumes of carbon credits (minimum order value £15k GBP) and have specific requirements such as project types, SDG’s or locations. 

Suitable for: Businesses with a confirmed budget and set requirements
Great for: Building a carbon credit portfolio, tailored for your needs

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Impact Shop
Pay-as-you-go climate action

Plant trees around the world and fund a range of certified carbon avoidance project types in our Impact Shop. Take climate action on your terms.

Suitable for: Businesses of any size or industry
Great for: Flexibly funding climate impact

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Climate action workforce
Climate action subscription

Support your sustainability journey with a Climate Action Workforce subscription for your team. Engage and reward your employees and the planet by funding certified carbon avoidance and tree planting projects every month.

Suitable for: Businesses of any size or industry
Great for: Engaging your team

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Marketplace and tree and impact APIs at Ecologi
Integrate climate action

Automatically fund tree planting for every order or support verified climate projects with each transaction or activity, through our integrations with Shopify and Zapier, or our custom API.

Suitable for: Product or Service-based businesses
Great for: Giving your customers another great reason to buy

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Ecologi Zero carbon footprinting tool
Calculate your carbon footprint

It’s quick and simple to calculate your carbon footprint with Ecologi Zero®. We take the legwork out of calculating your emissions through simple integrations, so you can focus on reducing them.

Suitable for:Service-based small and medium businesses using Xero (other options available to larger businesses)
Great for: Taking your first steps in carbon accounting

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Climate Positive Individual
Climate action for families and individuals

Help restore the planet through a monthly subscription. For less than the cost of a cup of coffee and a pastry per week you can become climate positive.

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Trust through Transparency

We're committed to being as transparent as possible, so you know you can trust us. We strive to be as open as possible, from our financials to our board meeting minutes. You can see the exact impact you're making, and thanks to our expert panel, you can rest assured that we only fund high quality climate projects.

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What our customers say

  • Testimonial image for Simon Blackler, CEO

    Krystal Hosting

    "One of the important functions that Ecologi provides is a phenomenal leveller. It means that a business of any size can start doing good today."

    Simon Blackler, CEO
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  • Testimonial image for Katy Tallon, Industry Sustainability Manager

    We are albert

    "It's really reassuring to be able to contribute to a company that I know is environmentally conscious and doing good in the world. "

    Katy Tallon, Industry Sustainability Manager
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  • Testimonial image for Andy Kelley, Commercial Operations Manager

    Your Coop

    "We love the interactive nature of the forest profiles, the simplicity of the integrations, and the transparency of the organisation."

    Andy Kelley, Commercial Operations Manager
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