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We work hard across all areas of Ecologi to bring you the best in climate action, trust and service.

United Nations Decade on Ecosystems Restoration Partner
Certified B-Corp
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Our mission is to inspire and empower businesses to accelerate global climate action


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Our values

Everything we do here at Ecologi is underpinned by our values. We live and breathe them every day, and they guide each decision we make.


We believe that if people work together, they can do amazing things. That’s the spirit of collective action in a nutshell, and we see it happening every day.


We’re nothing without trust, and from day one it’s been our bedrock. We’re B Corp certified, share our financials, and let you see your exact impact.


When the status quo isn’t working, you have to mix it up. Luckily innovating is something we love to do. We’re committed to being bold and never sitting still.


We’re all just regular people that want to protect their home. But we believe ordinary people can have an extraordinary impact, as long as they have enough heart.

Trust through transparency

We strive to keep things out in the open, from our financials to our board meeting minutes. You can see the exact impact you're making, and thanks to our expert panel, you can rest assured that we only fund high quality climate projects.

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Getting started on your climate action journey

We’re on a mission to inspire all SMEs to start their own climate action journey. Giving them the right tools, information and advice for each stage of net-zero.


Ecologi Zero lets you easily calculate your footprint for free and connects seamlessly with Xero accounting software. If you need a more bespoke solution, speak to our team.


Once you’ve measured your emissions, you can start bringing them down. Identify your hotspots using your Ecologi Zero dashboard and set goals to reduce them.


Funding climate action for protecting our planet. Our Impact Shop makes it easy to support high-quality climate projects, while Climate Action Workforce offers a simple but impactful way to fund climate projects monthly.


Shout your good work from the rooftops. Share your impact using your business profile, dashboard, leaderboard ranking and the badges you’ve earned along the way.

Our B Corp journey

We have a commitment to people and planet, not just profit, and the desire to run an ethical business is in our bones. From day one, we knew we had to become a B Corp. Here’s our story, from accreditation to being recognised as top 5% for governance and environment.

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Our leaders

Dimitri Theocharis


Elliot Coad


Ian Hambleton


Adam Boita

Chief Marketing Officer

Rebecca Barker

VP Brand Experience

Emily Kaye

Director of Operations

Sam Jackson

Head of Impact

Paula McGinnell

Head of Finance

Matt Roebuck

Product Lead

Matt Benton

Engineering Lead

Our investors

General Catalyst


Entree Capital


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