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Carbon avoidance

How we research and select the carbon avoidance projects that we fund.


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Carbon removal

How we research and select the carbon removal projects that we fund.


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Evidence of Impact

The climate impact funded by our community, and delivered by our partners.


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Price Changes

An article explaining why we’re updating our pricing from November 2023.


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Finance Reports

Annual updates providing transparency around our finances and operations.


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Public Ledger

Our Public Impact Ledger contains financial data and board meeting minutes.


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Our Climate Committee

The group of academics and industry experts that sets the direction of our impact.


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Our Impact Team

The team that ensures we only fund high quality climate solutions.


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Our Leadership Team

The team that leads the direction and management of day-to-day life at Ecologi.


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2023 Impact Report

Dig into our 2023 Impact Report. Our look back on the impact we made, important moments and milestones we shared in 2023.

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Our projects

Our projects are situated across the globe.

Ecologi project
Acción Andina in Peru

Community-led restoration of high Andean Polylepis forests is helping to protect vital water sources for local people and biodiversity. This project is also providing funding for community projects, such as irrigation systems and clean cookstoves.

Our B Corp journey

We have a commitment to people and planet, not just profit, and the desire to run an ethical business is in our bones. From day one, we knew we had to become a B Corp. Here’s our story, from accreditation to being recognised as top 5% for governance and environment.

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News and updates

    Frequently asked questions

    • Are you a registered charity?

      No, we’re a for-profit environmental organisation.

      When we started Ecologi, we realised that if we became a charity and relied solely on donations and government grants, then we wouldn’t be able to reach the global scale of climate impact that we’re intending to achieve. A thriving and self-sustaining business model is attractive for investors who often come with deep pockets and mean we can grow quickly and have more impact.

      We operate quite similarly to a non-profit or charity though, and highly value transparency. We publicly publish financial information, climate impact data, and our board meeting minutes in our Public Impact Ledger.

    • How much of my money goes into climate projects?

    • How does Ecologi set its prices for funding climate impact?

    • How can you prove that the carbon projects I support are having real impact?

    • How can you prove that the reforestation projects I support are having a real impact?

    • Do you use your tree planting for carbon offsetting?

    • How do you choose which projects you support?

    • Does Ecologi work with any business, even high-emitters?

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