Integrate Climate Action Everywhere

How to integrate climate action everywhere

There are four main ways you can use your Ecologi profile to plant trees through your business. This step-by-step guide shows you how to set up each of our integrations so you can get planting.

Shopify store

Running a store on Shopify? Install our Shopify app to plant trees for each sale, or by sale value.

Zapier integration

Our Zapier integration allows you to connect thousands of apps to your Ecologi account – with no programming required.

Impact API

Integrate with our simple API, to plant trees and fund certified carbon offsets.

Manually purchase climate action

You can add trees and offsets directly to your profile with the ‘Add More Impact’ button – any time you like.

Plant trees with Shopify

Join hundreds of Shopify stores and install our tree planting plugin. Each tree is billed at $0.15 (USD), and costs are added to your monthly Shopify invoice.

Simple to install

The app takes just 2 minutes to install and set up. Simply visit our app page on Shopify, click “Add app” and follow the instructions.

Configure to your needs

You can set parameters based around your business – choosing to plant a tree for each sale, every order, or for a set dollar amount – and even set caps on how many trees you buy.

Watch your forest grow

Trees are paid for through your Shopify invoices and automatically added to your Ecologi forest, meaning your customers can see the impact of their purchases in real-time.

Plant trees with Zapier

Zapier lets you connect Ecologi to 2,000+ other web services. Automated connections (called ‘Zaps’) can be set up in minutes with no coding, to build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.

Instantly connect

Use Zapier to connect to over 2,000 apps including WordPress, WooCommerce & Stripe, and automate your tree planting quickly and easily.

Pick triggers & actions

Pick a trigger that fires your Zap – like receiving a new order, or selling a certain product. Then, set your action, and Zapier will send a request to plant a tree each time your trigger occurs.

Watch your forest grow

Trees are invoiced via your Ecologi profile and are automatically planted in your Ecologi forest, meaning your shoppers can see the impact of their purchases in real-time.

Our tree planting and carbon offsets API

If you have access to development skills, you can use our API to plant trees and buy carbon offsets based on any use case you have

Sign up

Get started by signing up for an Ecologi marketplace account, or use your existing account, and head to your account settings.

Browse the API pack

Free with your account is our full API pack, including a step-by-step guide on how to set up your custom integration to plant trees or carbon offsets based on triggers from your own application or service.

Start funding solutions

Trees and carbon offsets are invoiced via your Ecologi profile and are automatically planted in your public Ecologi forest, meaning you can see your impact  in real-time.

Add trees & offsets manually

For sales that are not online, or if you’d rather not set up an automation, you can hit the ‘Add More Impact’ button on your profile page any time.

Sign up

You can manually add impact to both subscription-based and marketplace profiles, so make sure you’ve signed up to one of these account types first.

Add more impact

At the top of your virtual forest, you’ll find an ‘Add More Impact’ button. From there you can manually plant trees in your forest.

Chose your amount

Increase your impact with a one-time purchase of trees and/or carbon reductions. Pick from our predefined bundles, or create your own.

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    Ecologi is one of the most exciting things we’ve discovered this year!
    via Instagram, Lucy & Yak
    Ecologi perfectly resonates with our company ethos and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of this movement.
    Will Marston, CEO, Star Editions


  • Can I use these trees to make my business or products carbon neutral?

    No! The trees you’re funding right now are years away from doing their thing.

    Every Ecologi subscription is used for two purposes: to offset your carbon footprint through verified carbon offsets, and – separately – to plant trees.

    The carbon offset projects you fund to offset your footprint rotate each month between top-quality projects that avoid greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere (such as renewable energy projects which displace existing fossil fuel energy). We only fund offset projects which meet the highest verification standards, such as Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard. In addition, we aim to fund offset projects which meet other important sustainability and development standards like CCBS and SDVista.

    Until they are several years old, your baby trees are not mature enough to sequester carbon in large quantities – and those verification programmes which do exist often will not verify carbon removal from trees until they are around 10 years old. That’s why we do not count your trees as contributing towards offsetting your footprint – and only offset using verified carbon credits. Of course – your trees are still out there, quietly sucking up carbon all the same! To find out how to make your business or product carbon neutral using carbon offsets, take a look at our carbon neutral guide.

  • How do you ensure the trees are protected?

  • How can you prove our impact?

Other ways to make impact

There are several ways for your business to take climate action with Ecologi.

Climate Positive Workforce

Make your team’s personal and professional lives Climate Positive and grow a company forest today.

Get started

Ecologi Zero

Real-time carbon footprint analysis and offset your emissions to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

Marketplace for climate action

Buy Gold Standard (or similar) carbon offsets and fund climate action. Our low margin means our price is hard to beat.

Integrate climate action everywhere

Plant a tree for every sale? Offset every transaction? From API to Shopify, we have it covered.

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