Pay-As-You-Go Climate Solutions

Pay-as-you-go climate solutions

Our subscription-free accounts allow you to make purchases of trees and carbon reductions whenever you choose.

Ways to use your impact-only account

You can add trees or carbon reductions to your profile whenever you choose. Some common uses of impact-only accounts include:

For every product sold

Add trees or carbon offsets for every new member or newsletter subscriber, or for every product you sell.

Going carbon neutral

You can add carbon reductions to offset the emissions of your product, a particular event or bespoke order, or even your whole organisation.

For a campaign

National Geographic Kids UK set up an impact-only account for their Valentine’s Day campaign and planted 8,270 trees!

Link with Shopify

You can link your impact-only account to your Shopify store, or Zapier integration and set up automated purchase of trees or carbon offsets.

Other ways to make impact

There are several ways for your business to take climate action with Ecologi.

Climate Positive Workforce

Make your team’s personal and professional lives Climate Positive and grow a company forest today.

Get started

Ecologi Zero

Real-time carbon footprint analysis and offset your emissions to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

Marketplace for climate action

Buy Gold Standard (or similar) carbon offsets and fund climate action. Our low margin means our price is hard to beat.

Integrate climate action everywhere

Plant a tree for every sale? Offset every transaction? From API to Shopify, we have it covered.

We send good things

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Your tree will be planted in Madagascar by the Eden Reforestation Project.