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Lucy Gemmell

Lucy Gemmell

Carbon avoidance projects

  • Nature-based Project: Manoa (NEW PROJECT ALERT)

    Our new REDD+ project featured on the Impact Shop this quarter is an incredible conservation effort in the Amazon Forest in Brazil.

    The project activities include:

    • Environmental education for local communities
    • Research and monitoring (partnerships with research institutions)
    • Sustainable forest management practices

  • Community-based Project: Eritrea Community Boreholes (UPDATES)

  • Avoidance - Fuel-efficient cookstoves in Uganda (NEW PROJECT ALERT)

  • Renewable: Solar PV electricity generation in Indonesia (UPDATES)

Carbon removal projects

Carbon Removal Projects

  • ARR

    • ‘Afforestation’ refers to the planting of trees where there was no recent tree cover.
    • ‘Reforestation’ refers to the planting of trees where there was recent tree cover which has been deforested.
    • ‘Revegetation’ is an umbrella term which refers to the replanting and rebuilding of the soil of degraded land

    All of the 2ºC climate pathways modelled in the most recent IPCC report include some degree of carbon dioxide removal, and around 40% of this is contributed by ARR. It is a well-practised method of carbon dioxide removal which is far less experimental than most novel carbon removal technologies.

  • Blue carbon

  • Biochar

Reforestation projects

Reforestation Projects

  • Plant trees around the world

    Our reforestation partners around the world continue to work hard restoring some of our planet’s most vulnerable and important ecosystems. From mangroves in Madagascar, to rainforests in Kenya, and Andean forests in South America, you can help local communities thrive alongside rich, biodiverse habitats.

    Here are a few of our latest project updates to give you a sense of what funding global reforestation with Ecologi can achieve:

    Restoring the last fragment of tropical rainforest in Kenya – 1,604 people from communities close to the Kakamega forest have been involved in the growing, planting, and maintenance of 100,000 trees, achieving a phenomenal 93% survival rate 1 year on from being planted. Our partner the International Tree Foundation (ITF), in collaboration with local NGO Women in Water and Natural Resource Conservation (WWANC), are building on this fantastic achievement, and are in the process of planting another 330,000 trees. 

    Local people involved in the project have described the difference this project has made to their lives. Juliana Masitsa had lived in a house with a grass roof all her life, but has now, at the age of 62, been able to build a tin-roofed house thanks to earnings made through working for the project. She said, “When it rains I have no stress of a leaking roof, thank you ITF.” Another local woman, Mildred Shisinde, told us that she had been forced to take her daughter out of school for the first term of the year, but now, thanks to earnings she made from working on the project, she has been able to pay her daughter’s school fees.

    Restoring degraded land in Senegal – In the Tambacounda region of Senegal, within the hot, dry Sahel belt– a biogeographic region which spans thousands of kilometres across the African continent – our partner Hommes et Terre has been working with the local community to bring life back to a 245 hectare site. Seeds were planted last June, and the first round of monitoring was completed in November 2023. From a site with barely any vegetation within it, there are now an estimated 620,000 trees growing within the project area! The site will continue to be monitored over the coming years to ensure the target number of trees established within this project area (375,000) is met after 3 years of growth, but we’re certainly off to a very strong start.

    Restoring Polylepis forests in the Ecuadorian Andes – local organisations working in Ecuador on Global Forest Generation and ECOAN’s Acción Andina initiative (Earthshot prize winner 2023) have been working  with the local communities, providing products and services that contribute to sustainable natural resource management and create new income streams. Aves y Conservación held workshops for 98 local people on mortiño (Andean berry) cultivation – an important economic activity – helping community members develop or maintain this livelihood while reducing pressure on existing forests from uncontrolled harvesting and supporting native restoration. Aves y Conservación also improved a water catchment system affecting 225 local people. Another local organisation, Andean Adventures, has constructed a water catchment system to benefit over 400 people.

  • Plant trees in the UK

  • Plant trees in the USA

  • Plant trees in Australia

  • Plant trees in Brazil

Habitat restoration projects

Habitat restoration projects

  • Wildflowers, Wetlands and Wildlife

    We’re proud to be supporting FFC’s work to protect and restore nature at their sites across Scotland and northern England. Conserving ancient woodlands, rewetting peatlands, creating ponds, planting native wildflowers and monitoring species are all in a day’s work for the FFC team, and all contribute to healthier ecosystems. Creating suitable habitats for British wildlife to thrive is essential in our fight to turn the tide on biodiversity loss. This project is improving habitat for pollinators, as well as mammals like red squirrels and pine martens, and wetland birds such as curlews and snipe. More biodiverse and stable ecosystems will also help to keep carbon locked away, contributing to our fight against the climate crisis.

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