Hopescrolling: The good news timeline

Matt Wright

Matt Wright

The good news timeline

  • April 2024

    26th April

    The UK B Corp community has reached 2,000 Certified B Corporations, doubling in 18 months. B Corp businesses prioritise people and the planet alongside profit, measuring and improving their impact on employees, customers, communities, and the environment.


    26th April

    Scientists have discovered 700 new species in Cambodia’s mangroves, revealing the incredible biodiversity of Peam Krasop sanctuary and Koh Kapik Ramsar reserve. This pioneering assessment highlights the ecological richness of these landscapes, offering significant insights into their complex ecosystems and the importance of conservation efforts.

    (The Optimist Daily)

    12th April

    A group of older Swiss women have won a landmark climate case in the European Court of Human Rights, arguing that their age (most of the women were in their 70s) and gender made them vulnerable to the effects of heatwaves linked to climate change. The court criticized Switzerland’s emission reduction efforts as inadequate.


    12th April

    Forest destruction in Brazil and Colombia fell dramatically in 2023 under new political leaders. Research by Global Forest Watch shows a 36% decline in Brazil and 49% in Colombia. This progress highlights the positive impact of political will on environmental conservation, offering hope for global forest preservation.

    (Sky News)

    5th April

    Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions fell by 5.4% in 2023 to 384.2 million tonnes, largely due to reduced gas use for electricity and heating.

    (Business Green)

    5th April

    A Bolivian conservation program has discovered at least 60 Andean bears, the inspiration for Paddington, in new areas. Trap cameras installed in 2017 in Tarija forests revealed a thriving bear community in 2023, highlighting the need for continued conservation efforts.

    (The Guardian)

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