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  • An update on our billboard

    To everyone in our community, we really appreciate the feedback you’ve given us on our billboard over the last few days.

    At Ecologi, we’re passionate about creating exciting communications that reach new audiences and get people talking about climate change. With the recent billboard launch, we experimented with a brand new technology on a single test site, but unfortunately it didn’t quite pay off.

    The short story is that the emissions information provided by a third party inadvertently applied the global warming potential of nitrous oxide instead of nitrogen oxide. While the billboard does still remove harmful pollutants, as nitrogen oxide is not considered a direct greenhouse gas itself, stating it removes the equivalent of carbon dioxide emissions was actually inaccurate.

    As a social-enterprise built with trust and transparency as its core values, it’s paramount that we are able to communicate the steps we’ve taken to rectify this issue. As a result, we’ve taken down the billboard from the test site and have since purchased twice the amount of claimed carbon removal (see our Impact Ledger for evidence). This includes the production and disposal of the billboard.

    Ecologi was built with trust and transparency at its core. We always publish our impact receipts and board meeting minutes for our community to see. We will be deleting all social media posts on 28th April to ensure that any billboard messaging is no longer live.

    With the ambitious mission we are on it’s never going to be a straightforward journey, but it’s one worth taking, even if there is the odd bump in the road. We will continue experimenting, trying new things and working with you, our community, every step of the way.

    With thanks and appreciation,

    The Ecologi Team

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