Don’t wait for politicians, your company can lead the way to net-zero

Steve Dickenson

Steve Dickenson

Businesses are set-up to innovate - but are they doing enough?
Taking climate action makes business sense
Corporate leadership during and after COP28

Ecologi businesses that are taking action during COP28


ethy makes it easy and affordable for brands to communicate verified sustainability achievements against transparent standards.

They are a Climate Action Workforce subscriber with Ecologi and are aiming to be net-zero by 2025. They are also a part of Stripe Climate – a coalition of businesses accelerating carbon removal by contributing a portion of their revenue to carbon removal technologies.

How do you think the private sector can lead in the journey to net-zero?


In the UK, businesses are increasingly adopting ambitious carbon reduction and net-zero strategies.When the private sector demonstrates successful implementation of sustainable practices, it also signals to policymakers that there’s viable markets for these initiatives. This, in turn, incentivises the government to introduce policies that support these practices.


What are your plans for COP28?


Ahead of COP28, we have developed several important new standards in our sustainability framework to guide our business clients on their net-zero journey, including Carbon Measured, Carbon Reduction Targets, and Net Zero Committed. We aim to highlight these crucial practices and showcase our collaborative efforts with organisations like Ecologi that can support our clients in reaching them.

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