The price of climate action is changing: what this means for your personal plan

Katie Pownall

Katie Pownall

What changes are happening?

PlanCarbon (tonnes per year)Trees (per month)Price (GBP / EUR / USD)
Starter3 (~1/3 footprint)8£4.70 / €5.60 / $6.40
Essential9 (~1 footprint)8£9.40 / €11.20 / $12.80
Ultimate18 (~2 footprints)16£18.80 / €22.40 / $25.60
PlanCarbon (tonnes per year)Trees (per month)Price (USD / CAD / AUD)
Starter5.5 (~0.25 footprint)12$10.50 / C$14.10 / A$15.40
Essential11 (~0.5 footprint)24$21.00 / C$28.20 / A$30.80
Ultimate22 (~1 footprint)48$42.00 / C$56.40 / A$61.60

Carbon Reductions


Your questions answered

  • Will the price of my subscription be increasing automatically?

    No – we have opted to keep all prices consistent and instead lower the impact for our current subscribers. If you want to continue having the same amount of climate impact, then yes, the price you will pay to do so will increase. You can increase your subscription at any time via this link.

  • I already have a live Climate Positive Gift. Will this still be valid?

  • How has Ecologi kept prices low for this length of time?

  • Why are carbon footprints much higher in the USA, Canada and Australia?

  • Why does each subscription in the USA, Canada and Australia have more trees included?

  • I have a question not answered here, who can I speak to?

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