The price of climate action is changing: what this means for your personal plan

Katie Pownall

Katie Pownall

What changes are happening?

PlanCarbon (tonnes per year)Trees (per month)Price (GBP / EUR / USD)
Starter3 (~1/3 footprint)8£4.70 / €5.60 / $6.40
Essential9 (~1 footprint)8£9.40 / €11.20 / $12.80
Ultimate18 (~2 footprints)16£18.80 / €22.40 / $25.60
PlanCarbon (tonnes per year)Trees (per month)Price (USD / CAD / AUD)
Starter5.5 (~0.25 footprint)12$10.50 / C$14.10 / A$15.40
Essential11 (~0.5 footprint)24$21.00 / C$28.20 / A$30.80
Ultimate22 (~1 footprint)48$42.00 / C$56.40 / A$61.60

Carbon Reductions


Your questions answered

  • Is Ecologi just putting prices up to increase its profits?

    No. Ecologi’s margins will remain the same, and we will continue to cover our operating costs through our margin of 20% on revenue from individuals and marketplace, and 22.5% on revenue from businesses. The rest of that revenue will continue to be spent directly on climate impact.

    Over the last few months, we have tried to limit the impact of rising carbon costs and tree prices on our community. We are only increasing prices now because, without this increase, our sales prices are unsustainable. We are committed to continuing to give our community the best possible climate impact value for their money. 

    Our priority is, and will always be, delivering as much high-quality climate action as possible on behalf of our community.

  • Will the price of my subscription be increasing automatically?

  • I already have a live Climate Positive Gift. Will this still be valid?

  • How has Ecologi kept prices low for this length of time?

  • Why are carbon footprints much higher in the USA, Canada and Australia?

  • Why does each subscription in the USA, Canada and Australia have more trees included?

  • I have a question not answered here, who can I speak to?

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