Some of our prices are changing: what this means for you

Katie Pownall

Katie Pownall

Summary of changes

Why are prices changing?
Subscription changes

New subscription plan contents

  • Climate Action Workforce Business in the UK, EU and the Rest of the World

  • Climate Action Workforces in the USA, Canada and Australia

  • Individual customers in the UK, EU and the Rest of the World

  • Individual customers in the USA, Australia and Canada


  • Why is the price for 'core' global trees increasing from £0.24 to £0.60 per tree?

    To date, global trees we sourced from some of our reforestation partners were available at relatively low price points. This allowed us to maintain lower prices for our customers by balancing the cost of more expensive trees from other reforestation partners with these cheaper trees, keeping our price-point at an artificially low level that did not reflect the true cost of all the reforestation projects we’re supporting globally.

    Unfortunately, due to rising costs affecting all of our suppliers and resultant price increases across the board, we in turn have had to raise the price of our core trees to better align with the true cost of reforestation. This allows us to continue supporting high-quality projects that maximise tree survival rates and benefit local communities and ecosystems, while still offering our customers an affordable planting option at the best possible price that market conditions allow.

  • How does this price increase benefit reforestation projects and local communities?

  • What's the reason behind the price changes for UK, US, Australia, and Brazil trees?

  • Why is the price for a tonne of biochar carbon removal decreasing from £325 to £270?

  • Will the prices of all other Ecologi platform services/carbon offsetting remain the same?

  • When will these price changes take effect?

  • How often will you review and potentially adjust the pricing in the future?

  • Will the pricing changes affect the transparency of where my contributions go?

  • Can I still purchase trees at the current rate up until 17th November?

  • Is the cost of CAW subscriptions changing?

  • Why has the carbon footprint data included in my subscription tier changed/gone down?

  • Why have you made the decision to remove gifting?

  • What changes might I wish to make to my Shopify/Zapier/custom API integrations?

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