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Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson


  • How does Ecologi Zero calculate emissions?

    Ecologi Zero uses a number of data sources to produce as precise of an estimation of your organisation’s carbon footprint as possible. The base data layers used are complex input-output tables which produce emissions values for your financial transactions, based on average emissions figures across whole industries. The types of industries where your organisation spends its money – and the amount of money you spend in them – will therefore influence the calculated emissions. 

    Example: You spend £100 on business software with Microsoft, and plug in your finance data to Ecologi Zero. The tool will match Microsoft to its industry (IT software), and take the UK average emissions figure from the IT software industry (which is measured in CO2e per £ spent), and then multiply it by 100, for your £100 spent. Ecologi Zero produces a footprint of 1.2kg CO2e for this purchase – because the industry emissions factor for this industry is 0.012kg per £ spent.

    For the moment, the emissions factors used to make the calculations are applicable to the UK only – we will be adding more regions very soon. You’ll also soon be able to include additional specific data about your organisation (such as vehicles, premises and energy) in order to exploit further data to hone your footprint even further.

  • Is carbon footprinting with Ecologi Zero accurate?

  • Why do I need to match and approve my suppliers?

  • What happens if I switch to a different supplier?

  • Is my data secure, and who can see it?

CategorySubcategoryWhat to include
Automotive and FuelTransport EquipmentManufacture of transportation equipment such as ship building or boat manufacture, construction and maintenance of railway rolling stock, and air and spacecraft.
Banking and FinanceFinancial Markets and SecurityAnything related to provision of financial services, but not the financial services themselves. Activities of financial markets, security services etc.
Consultants and Professional ServicesHousehold ActivitiesActivities of households as employers of domestic staff - cleaners, cooks, waiters, gardeners, caretakers, babysitters, etc.
Consultants and Professional ServicesLegal, Accounting and Consultancy ServicesActivities relating to incorporation, patents, copyrights, deeds, wills, trusts, etc. Also accounting and bookkeeping services such as auditing and preparation of financial statements.
Consultants and Professional ServicesOther Professional and Technical ServicesActivities relating to otherwise uncategorised technical or scientific services, such as veterinary services, photography, translation, etc.
Consultants and Professional ServicesAudio / Video Production and BroadcastingProduction of motion pictures, including editing, cutting, dubbing, etc. Distribution of motion pictures and motion picture rights. Also production, release and promotion of sound recordings, as well as broadcasting and distribution of radio and television programmes including entertainment, news, talk, etc.
Food and AccommodationWholesale Food and BeverageManufacture and processing of food and beverage products, as well as tobacco.
Public and Government ServicesInternational Agencies and BodiesTransactions related to transnational organisations such as the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund etc.
Retail and WholesaleGeneral Retail ProductsSale of new and used goods primarily to the general public for personal or household use - for example in shops, department stores, shopping malls, etc.

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