Your questions answered about our wildflower projects

Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson

Your questions answered

  • Why plant wildflowers?

    In the UK, we’ve lost 97% of our wildflower meadows since the 1930s. These precious habitats support lots of biodiversity, and as the habitat is lost so too are the species that live within it. By restoring degraded habitats and creating new wildflower meadows we can provide a home for these species, enriching our environment.

    These habitats also contribute towards our goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, keeping carbon locked away in the plants and in the soil.

  • How does this contribute to solving the climate and ecological crisis?

  • How are the wildflower sites looked after, long-term?

  • How is it verified that the sites are suitable for wildflower spreading?

  • How are the wildflowers planted (e.g. sowing vs. plugs)?

  • What is the survival rate?

  • What species of wildflowers will be spread?

  • How many species are spread in a given area?

  • How are invasive species prevented from overtaking the site?

  • Is this considered ‘rewilding’?

  • Will there be a regular biodiversity study carried out?

  • Are fertilisers or pesticides being used?

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