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The role of carbon offsets in the climate emergency

Elliot Coad

Elliot Coad

Your carbon offset questions answered

  • What's the basic criteria for a carbon offset project?

    Real: There is evidence that this project will actually remove emissions

    Additionality: This requirement ensures those removed emissions would not have happened without being financed through the carbon offset market. This requirement must be determined by a third party.

    Measurable: For a project to be certified it must be accurately measurable.

    Permanent: The project must meet a standard to ensure the emission reductions are permanently removed from the atmosphere.

    Verifiable: Independent third-parties must be able to routinely verify the project is making the stated emission reductions all through the project’s life.

    Leakage: This is to prevent negative side effects of the project operating.

  • How can a project ensure it is doing what it says it is?

  • Which standard is the best?

  • How can you provide carbon offsets so cheaply?

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