Ecologi Impact Report 2020

Sam Jackson

Sam Jackson

Over 6 million trees now funded by our subscribers

Total number of trees purchased

Brand new tree-planting sites

Figure 2
Figure 3

Updates from our planting sites


Take a look at the latest images from some of our planting sites

Marotaola 1

Our mangrove trees are growing majestically in Marataola, Madagascar.


First trees going in Changalane, Mozambique.


Our latest site in Dyrham, England is prepared for this planting season.


Over 10,000 trees are now in the ground at our site in Dalry, Scotland.

Almost 250,000 tonnes of verified emissions reductions

Figure 4
Figure 5

Offset project types and locations

Figure 6
Figure 7

Virtual climate festival reaches 24,000 views

Targets for 2021

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