Go above and beyond during your net-zero journey: explaining Beyond Value Chain Mitigation

Steve Dickenson

Steve Dickenson

“Companies should go beyond … by undertaking actions or making investments that support climate mitigation outside of their value chains, especially those that generate additional co-benefits for people and nature.” - SBTi
"Companies should go further and invest in mitigation outside their value chains now to contribute towards reaching societal net-zero." - SBTi
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What climate action can I fund?

By definition, climate action that ‘counts’ towards BVCM are those that help to mitigate climate change, and that take place outside of the value chain.

The SBTi gives some examples: 

  • Conservation projects, e.g., peatland or mangrove
  • Energy efficiency, e.g., cookstove projects
  • Methane destruction, e.g., landfill gas projects
  • Renewable energy, e.g., solar/wind/biogas
  • Industrial gases, e.g., N2O destruction at nitric acid facilities
  • Carbon Removal technologies, e.g., Direct Air Capture (DAC) and Storage

Adapted from SBTi (2021)

The examples given by the SBTi refer only to the types of projects which generate carbon credits.

However, at Ecologi, we encourage businesses to think beyond
carbon credits as well. Landscape restoration, ocean conservation, rewilding, climate education, climate justice – investing in all of these should be considered when preparing a BVCM strategy, and all of them count.

An example of a BVCM portfolio

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