Ecologi’s top 20 list of Eco-gift ideas for the festive season 2020

Ellen Heimpel

Ellen Heimpel

How to lower your impact this Christmas

1. Seedbomb

2. Climate Positive Gin from the Arbikie Distillery

3. Good Candles

4. Plastic Free Bath Products from Ethique

5. Ecologi Gifting

6. Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate

7. Adopt an WWF elephant

8. Turtle Bags

9. Planet-Friendly Phones from Reboxed

10. Zero-waste Shave Gift Set from Know the Origin

11. Art from Artfinder

12. Rubies in the Rubble Taster Pack

13. Homemade Gifts

14. Frank Green Reusable Coffee Cup

15. Choose love, Help refugees

16. TeaPigs Pick n’ mix Gift Sets

17. The Zero-Waste Cookbook

18. Eco-Friendly Beer

19. Living Composter

20. Lucy & Yak Colourful Co-ords

A note on packaging...

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