Ecologi’s top 20 Eco Gift ideas for the festive season 2021

Crista Buznea

Crista Buznea

1. Plastic-Free hair and body products from Ethique

2. A 3-month baking club subscription with Bakedin

3. Vegan recipes gift box

4. Ecologi Gifting

5. The Shrew with the Flu Book & Seedbom set

6. Art from Artfinder

7. Raw Organic Chocolate Making Kit from Cocoa Love

8. Zaytoun Olive Oil & Tree-Planting

9. Tiny Tony’s Chocolonely Christmas Mix Pouch

10. Gift vouchers for fun experiences together

11. Pela phone cases

12. Gift a Calm subscription

13. A Taste of Magic Teapsy tea bundle

14. Vegan chocolate gift box from Love Raw

15. Adopt a WWF leopard

16. Fair Squared apricot facial soap

17. Fairtrade Christmas bath bomb by Honeystreet Handmade

18. A rose & sandalwood soy candle

19. Zero waste kit from Battle Green

20. Make your own face mask kit

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