Can carbon removals solve climate change?

Steve Dickenson

Steve Dickenson

What is carbon removal?

Is carbon removal the same as carbon avoidance?

A diagram which demonstrates how emissions increase CO2e in the atmosphere and carbon removals decrease CO2e in the atmosphere.

What are the different methods of carbon removal?

What role does carbon removal play in net-zero?

Why fund carbon removal now?

It is important to understand that BVCM includes but is not limited to carbon removals. While permanent removals are necessary to neutralise residual emissions at the net-zero end date (e.g. 2040, 2050), investments in reducing and avoiding emissions are critical right now.

Carbon removal is not a silver bullet

How does Ecologi approach carbon removal?

How can I support carbon removal with Ecologi?

A showcase of some of the carbon removal projects in the Ecologi Impact Shop.
An example of a carbon removal badge on a customer's profile.

Is your business ready to take climate action?

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