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  • Illustration of Using waste biomass to produce electricity in Chile project
  • Illustration of Preventing deforestation in the Democratic Republic of Congo project
  • Illustration of Wind power project in Mexico project
  • Illustration of First Ever Wind Power Project in Honduras project
  • Illustration of Wind power project in Mexico project
  • Illustration of First Ever Wind Power Project in Honduras project
  • Illustration of Improving the Efficiency of Metro Transport in India project
  • Illustration of Producing electricity from wind power in Northeast Thailand project
  • Illustration of Wind power generation in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam project
  • Illustration of Generating clean electricity from hydropower in India project

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Your-Home-From-Home's sustainability goals

Their journey to becoming a low carbon business

  • OUR MISSION Our intention is to create a magical experience on The English Riviera with a long-lasting eco-impact and long-lasting, sparkling memories.

  • OUR PRODUCT The Inspiration is a unique, romantic, floating staycation…with a little eco-education thrown in. The Inspiration is situated on a marina on The English Riviera and it is surrounded by beautiful Blue Flag beaches.

  • OUR VISION The Inspiration is indeed one-of-a-kind and our plan is to expand to create an ECO FLEET of staycation boats, incorporating a total eco-theme. We aim to showcase a wide variety of eco products and ideas on our boat/s for guests to experience and enjoy as part of the hamper that we leave for them on arrival. You can see from our reviews that guests do love the overall experience. and

  • ECO-AWE-INSPIRING OUR GUESTS Our guests can relax and enjoy the many local Blue Flag beaches, the fun tourist attractions and if they feel like it, they can also get involved in various eco projects for as little or as long as they like during their stay. Two local eco-projects are:

  • The Seal Project: Based at the same marina as The Inspiration, The Seal Project monitors and reduces the negative impact factors affecting grey seals and raises awareness of the importance of protecting this globally rare species.

  • The UNESCO Geopark: The English Riviera Global UNESCO Geopark is located a short walk from The Inspiration and it is one of just 57 Global Geoparks in the World, with its rich geological, historical and cultural heritage. There are loads of opportunities to explore the stunning scenery of the Geopark – volunteering, kayaking, diving, coasteering, sea-fishing and more - plus walking this beautiful stretch of the South West Coast Path.

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32.8 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following

  • 25

    long haul flights

  • 98

    metres2 of sea ice saved

  • 81,377

    miles driven in a car

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