Wilde Mode LTD

Wilde Mode LTD

Dundee, United Kingdom

We are an eco-friendlier, gender/size inclusive, slow fashion brand from Dundee in Scotland.

Wilde Mode LTD

14,625 trees funded

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Wilde Mode LTD's sustainability goals

The biggest impact you can have, is change your lifestyle

  • Wash clothes at 30 degrees or lower

  • Stop supporting fast fashion

  • Eat vegan diet

  • Washing clothes only when dirty

  • Only use reusable coffee cups

  • Buy more second hand items

  • Refuse single use items

  • Buy less (live more frugally)

  • Replace inefficient bulbs with LED

  • Waste almost no edible food

  • Buy local produce

  • Eat in season

  • Changing light bulbs to LED

  • Switch to green energy provider

  • Line dry clothes

  • Think before you throw anything landfill

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