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Stone encourages the safe, sustainable approach to recycling redundant tech with the Stone 360 app.


20,000 trees funded

  • Illustration of Improving the Efficiency of Metro Transport in India project
  • Illustration of Producing electricity from wind power in Northeast Thailand project

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STONE GROUP's sustainability goals

The biggest impact you can have, is change your lifestyle

  • Stone is committed to the pursuit of increasing sustainable growth in all business activities, encompassing environmental, social and economic aspects. As part of this the board has committed to working towards 4 of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Stone is committed to sustainable economic growth, both in the UK and abroad and will continue to work with its supply chain to promote fair pay and working conditions throughout its supply chain.

  • The UN has identified that investments in infrastructure, including information and communication technology, are crucial to achieving sustainable development. Stone has committed to continue to provide good quality, affordably priced, IT equipment within the UK. In addition, Stone will continue its support of non UK based IT charities such as IT Schools Africa.

  • Stone agrees with the UN’s approach that sustainable consumption means “doing more and better with less” and will continue to improve its operational processes whilst reducing the use of raw materials and packaging.

  • Stone believes that peace, justice and strong institutions are key to sustainable development and will continue to work with its supply chain to promote best practice and compliance with local legislation. Stone will maintain its robust in house anti bribery processes to ensure that its business follows best practice and leads by example.

STONE GROUP's badges

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Climate projects STONE GROUP has supported

Their funding directly supports climate projects all over the world

STONE GROUP's impact visualised

100 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following

  • 77

    long haul flights

  • 300

    metres2 of sea ice saved

  • 248,100

    miles driven in a car

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