Sentec Ltd (a Xylem Brand)

Sentec Ltd (a Xylem Brand)

Cambridge, United Kingdom

We wanted to find alternatives to the usual freebies in a way that supports our planet!

Sentec Ltd (a Xylem Brand)

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Sentec Ltd (a Xylem Brand)'s sustainability goals

The biggest impact you can have, is change your lifestyle

  • 2025 Goal: Treat over 13 billion cubic meters of water for reuse

  • 2025 Goal: Prevent over 7 billion cubic meters of polluted water from flooding communities or entering local waterways

  • 2025 Goal: Reduce water’s CO2e footprint by over 2.8 million metric tons

  • 2025 Goal: Provide access to clean water and sanitation solutions for at least 20 million people living at the base of the global economic pyramid

  • 2025 Goal: Reduce over 3.5 billion cubic meters of non-revenue water

  • 2025 Goal: Establish a Supplier Diversity Program and increase supplier diversity to 12% of total U.S. supplier spend

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  • Fund another tree planting per tree won

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