Video games taught me to save the world.


3,494 trees funded

  • Illustration of Avoiding methane emissions from landfill in Brazil project
  • Illustration of Generating wind power in the United States project
  • Illustration of Distributing cleaner cookstoves in Kenya project
  • Illustration of Wind power project in Mexico project
  • Illustration of Turning local organic waste into electricity in India project
  • Illustration of Peatland restoration and conservation in Indonesia project
  • Illustration of Solar PV electricity generation in Indonesia project
  • Illustration of Protection of the MatavĂ©n forest in eastern Colombia project

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Danielle's climate lifestyle choices

The biggest impact you can have, is change your lifestyle

  • Drive a hybrid vehicle

  • Eat a vegetarian diet

  • Eating less meat

  • Changing light bulbs to LED

  • Stop supporting fast fashion

  • Replace inefficient bulbs with LED

  • Limit plane travel to once a year

  • Washing clothes only when dirty

Danielle's badges

Keeping track of their personal climate contributions.

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Climate projects this family have supported

Their funding directly supports climate projects all over the world

Danielle's impact visualised

145.74 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following

  • 112

    long haul flights

  • 437

    metres2 of sea ice saved

  • 361,581

    miles driven in a car

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