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Fair Business Alliance Ltd

Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Pacari Chocolate is ranked the most ethical and sustainable chocolate in the market by Ethical Consumer Magazine.

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Pacari UK Forest

11,517 trees funded

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Fair Business Alliance Ltd's sustainability goals

Their journey to becoming a low carbon business

  • By April 2023 Fair Business Alliance should have a new pension scheme that ensures this has no investment at all in business related to fossil fuels, nuclear, weapons, child labour, slavery, human trafficking and deforestation activities.

  • At the end of 2023 have reduce by at least 75% all carbon foot print from flights (short and long haul) in comparison to the figures of 2017.

  • Plant 300 trees on our forest during April 2021

  • Offset of all CO2 emissions involved in the shipping of Pacari Chocolate from Ecuador to Scotland during the first semestre 2021. (Between January and June 2021)

  • Reach 1500 planted trees on our forest by the end of June 2021

  • Have 5,000 trees planted by the end of year 2021

  • Offset / remove more CO2 than generated in shipping Pacari Chocolate from Ecuador to the UK every year.

  • Reach 10,000 new trees planted before the end of 2022.

  • Incorporate into companies policy that from 2022, Fair Business Alliance is not going to pay for flights within Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

  • All energy used for running the business in the UK, comes from green and renewable sources. This action was taken in 2020, and incorporated into a companies policy in 2022.

  • Switching current business bank account from HSBC to a more ethical bank, during 2022, using the information provided by Ethical Consumer Magazine ranking.

  • All postal package used for the business are free of plastic, this has been done since 2018 and written into a policy in January 2023.

  • Fair Business Alliance will not have a company car run by fossil fuels, if a company car is needed has to be 100% electric.

  • From 2020 all light bulbs used at the office or home/office space, have to be energy efficient LED bulbs, not other type go bulbs will be allowed.

  • From 2019 onwards, no plastic shopping bags will be purchase or request wen buying on behalf of Fair Business Alliance Ltd.

  • From January 2022 Fair Business Alliance will not organise and pay for more than one long haul flight per year, cutting in 2/3 the number of long haul flights taken in 2017.

  • From April 2021, Fir Business Alliance will offset all CO2 emissions produced by business trips.

  • From April 2021 Fair Business Alliance will offset of all CO2 emissions involved in the shipping of Pacari Chocolate from Ecuador to Scotland every year.

  • From September 2021, Fair Business will offset 100% of all CO2 emission produced by delivering Pacari Chocolates UK orders made via our online shop www.pacarichocolates.uk and offline to us.

  • From 2022 Fair Business Alliance will encourage its employees to reduce their meat consumption and incorporate higher level of plant based diet into their lifestyle.

  • Since 2010 all printed paper has to be used on both sides and Fair Business Alliance request to avoid printing altogether.

  • From July 2021, all paper brought for printing, by Fair Business Alliance, must come from sustainable plant based sources, like bamboo.

  • From April 2020, Fair Business Alliance will only pay for vegetarian or vegan meals. All meat based menus are not going to be paid by the company.

  • On March 2021 Fair Business Alliance put in action a commitment to have a Climate Positive and Climate Friendly workforce. Offsetting our teams carbon emissions and planting trees every month in our Pacari Forest, with Ecologi.

  • From April 2021 offset all the CO2 emission generated on the shipping of Pacari Chocolate from Ecuador to our warehouse.

  • From October 2021, Fair Business Alliance has committed to not only offset but remove 5% more CO2 than generated by shipping Pacari Chocolate from Ecuador to the UK every year.

  • Since 2018, our website has been hosted with a carbon neutral web hosting service, based entirely in the UK. Powered by renewable energy.

  • In March 2022 we moved our email service to Runbox ranked as one of the top email providers, with best Ethical Consumer rating for environmental reporting, by Ethical Consumer Magazine. Their data centre The data center where the Runbox servers are located is powered by 100% renewable hydropower and does not emit greenhouse gases. When Runbox operations do produce greenhouse gas emissions, we shall compensate double this amount with donations to the non-profit environmental charity organisation One Tree Planted leading to a carbon negative result equal to our footprint.

Fair Business Alliance Ltd's badges

Keeping track of their climate contributions.

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Climate projects Fair Business Alliance Ltd has supported

Their funding directly supports climate projects all over the world

Fair Business Alliance Ltd's impact visualised

139.62 tonnes of CO2e is equivalent to one of the following

  • 107

    long haul flights

  • 419

    metres2 of sea ice saved

  • 346,397

    miles driven in a car

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