European Vintage Emporium

European Vintage Emporium

Chérencé-le-Roussel, France

Constantly striving for new and innovative ways to reduce our environmental impacts.

European Vintage Emporium

2,375 trees funded

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Together we are stronger, that’s why we believe in collective action. If you join us today (using the button below) you and the owner of this profile will be awarded 30 extra trees!

European Vintage Emporium's sustainability goals

The biggest impact you can have, is change your lifestyle

  • Reduce plastic packaging wherever possible

  • Partner with more local businesses to recycle their packaging

  • Use and find more recycleable packaging options

  • Offset ever increasing amounts of environmental impacts our business has

  • Continue to offer and expand our inventory of vintage and antique items to encourage more customers to buy recycled items rather than new ones

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Keeping track of their personal climate contributions.

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United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030

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