How to Make Your Business Carbon Neutral

How to make your business or product carbon neutral with Ecologi

You can easily use Ecologi to help make your business carbon neutral. Here are our top ways to integrate your Ecologi account into your carbon neutral plans.

Climate Action Workforce

Fund certified climate projects and plant real trees with a monthly Climate Action Workforce subscription.

API Intergrations

Use our handy API to automatically buy carbon offsets using your own system or e-commerce platform. You can set your own triggers and buy offsets based on sales, customers or even newsletter sign-ups.

Add More Impact

Make ad hoc carbon offset purchases using your profile – great for company events, a perk when you hire new staff, or larger bespoke orders to fund a project you really love.

It’s really important, when building your carbon neutrality plans, to ensure that your sustainability messaging is correct. Before integrating Ecologi into your sustainability plans, make sure you’re clued-up on the important definitions you need to know.

Go carbon neutral with Ecologi

We offer a few different ways that your business can work with us depending on the type of footprint you want to offset.

Offset a Human Footprint

Become a Climate Action Workforce and offset emissions from your team’s personal and professional lives. For an extra employee perk, why not add extra impact by offsetting your team’s families, or their entire lives?

Offset a Product Footprint

With our new CO2 API you can offset the emissions of your products as they are sold – integrating seamlessly with your online presence or e-commerce store. You can offset tonnes of carbon automatically on a trigger – for example, with each new sale or new client.

Offset a Business Footprint

Once you have calculated your emissions as part of your carbon neutral plans, you can easily offset them through your Ecologi business profile. You don’t even need to be a regular subscriber – you can create an impact-only account, and pay for carbon offsets whenever you’re ready.

What kind of projects will my business be funding?

Renewable Energy

We regularly fund renewable energy projects such as wind and solar, small hydro, and geothermal power plants – to displace fossil fuels on their local grids.


As well as our tree-planting initiative, we also fund projects like REDD+ avoided deforestation projects, to protect old growth rainforests like the Amazon.


We fund verified carbon projects that benefit the community, such as water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects and providing fuel-efficient cookstoves to local communities.

Carbon Capture & Storage

We support CCS projects such as landfill methane capture, to prevent harmful greenhouse gas emissions from directly entering the atmosphere.


  • Can Ecologi provide me with a carbon neutral certification?

    Using our platform to buy carbon credits is an amazing and affordable way to implement your carbon neutrality strategy. However, we don’t offer a formal certification scheme for either carbon neutrality or net zero emissions. Legitimate certification schemes for these are difficult to come by, and those that are reputable are necessarily extremely complex.

    This said, some organisations like the Carbon Trust do offer a recognised and reputable accreditation scheme for carbon neutrality. We aren’t aware of anyone offering a reputable accreditation scheme for net zero yet – not least because there is no formal or legal definition of ‘net zero’ for businesses yet. 

    Through your Ecologi business profile you can gain badges for achievements – like milestones of the number of tonnes of carbon you have reduced, or number of trees you’ve planted – and if you offset your team’s emissions using our Climate Positive Workforce subscription you will receive a dynamic badge for your website, which will update with your latest stats in real time.

  • Can you help me reduce my business emissions?

  • How can I become net zero instead of carbon neutral?

  • How do you choose which offset projects to fund each month?

  • Can I use tree planting to offset my business or product emissions?

Other ways to make impact

There are several ways for your business to take climate action with Ecologi.

Climate Action Workforce

Make your team’s personal and professional lives Climate Positive and grow a company forest today.

Road to Net Zero

Real-time carbon footprint analysis and offset your emissions to achieve Carbon Neutrality.

Impact shop

Buy Gold Standard (or similar) carbon offsets and fund climate action. Our low margin means our price is hard to beat.

Integrate climate action everywhere

Plant a tree for every sale? Offset every transaction? From API to Shopify, we have it covered.

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