Case study: How Midcounties Co-operative is rallying a community around climate impact

Crista Buznea

Crista Buznea

About Midcounties Co-operative
"Ecologi has an incredibly straight-forward and transparent approach, which allows us to provide fully auditable evidence of impact and tree planting purchases." - Stuart Newman, Head of Utilities, Your Co-op
See how Your Co-op is using Ecologi's sub-forest feature to showcase impact for different trading divisions including Holidays, Broadband, Energy and Mobile.
Since 2021, The Midcounties Co-operative has funded the planting of 157,046 trees, avoided 4,721 tCO2e and supported 50 projects.
Your Co-op was also announced as an Ecologi For Our Planet Gold Award Winner in April 2024, in recognition for their efforts to measure their carbon footprint, set reduction targets, achieve emissions reductions while also funding global climate action.
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