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Support trusted climate projects

Our members’ impact

Our 40,965 Ecologi members are making a huge impact

60.9 million

Trees funded

2.5 million

Tonnes of CO2e avoided

Bring your impact to life

Climate action for everyone, that’s our mantra. Whether you’re an individual, a family or a business, everyone has a role to play in protecting our planet. Get started with us today.

What our members say

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    "Ecologi show that when we take action together we can have a really big impact. Through Ecologi I’m able to fund climate solutions all over the world including renewables, community projects and planting trees - all in places like Egypt, Kenya and Thailand."

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    "It's really reassuring to be able to contribute to a company that I know is environmentally conscious and doing good in the world. "

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    "Through our partnership with Ecologi, VeryMe members will be able to take action by signing up to our individual subscriptions, which support carbon avoidance projects and responsible reforestation - to help secure the future of our planet."

    Emma Heaton, Partnerships
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The cup of coffee that led to funding 50 million trees

In October 2018, on the way to work, our co-founder Elliot asked himself, what if I put the money from my morning coffee into climate action?

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Recent projects we’ve supported

Climate projects benefit the planet, biodiversity and local communities

Ecologi project
Restoring forests in Peru

Home to one of Latin America’s largest Indigenous populations, Peru is known for its diverse landscapes and wildlife. Its ecosystems are under threat from land use change, climate change and deforestation. Peru’s high Andean Polylepis forests play a vital role for many people, so preserving and restoring them is essential.

Start making a difference today

Join us and take real climate action.


Prefer to speak to our team? We're here to help find your perfect climate solution

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United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030

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