Ecologi Zero: Real-time carbon foot printing for your business

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Put climate action at your fingertips with the easy-to-use carbon footprinting tool for small and medium-sized enterprises.
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How does it work?

Set up your free business account and connect your accounting software to calculate your supply chain emissions.

Add details about your energy usage, business travel, and employee activity to get a full view of your operational emissions.

Your total emissions are shown on an easy-to-read dashboard in near real-time, so you can identify hotspots and take action to reduce them.

Why Ecologi Zero?

Ecologi Zero offers a simple way to calculate, visualise and gain insights into your carbon emissions in near real-time. And to remove the high cost barrier of carbon footprinting, we’ve made it free to get started. 

  • Calculates your carbon footprint for free
  • No expertise or experience needed
  • Removes the guesswork, making net-zero viable
  • Near real-time view of your carbon footprint
  • See the full picture with supply chain emissions
  • Fund climate solutions as you go
  • More features coming soon including target setting, recommendations and net-zero certification

Your data is safe and secure

You choose what to import and the information is used solely for calculating your carbon emissions. Ecologi Zero accesses your accounting data as read-only and data transfers and storage are encrypted. We’ll never share your data with any third party and you can also revoke access to your financial data and delete it at any time.

Your supply chain is key

Supply chain emissions can account for over ten times more carbon than operational emissions. When you plug in your financial transactions, Ecologi Zero produces emissions values based on industry averages. This lets you screen your entire value chain to establish a more comprehensive carbon footprint.

Is Ecologi Zero right for your business?

Even the smallest businesses can be a force for good. Built by industry leaders for small and medium-sized businesses operating in the services industries.


Built for small and medium-sized enterprises 
(up to 250 employees)

Service Industries

Best suited for businesses in the services industries*, rather than those who sell physical products

UK based

Available for businesses based in the United Kingdom (more countries coming soon)

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The pathway to net-zero

Our specialist carbon accountants and climate experts have summarised net-zero into a six step process. Ecologi Zero lets you follow it step-by-step – starting at set-up and taking you all the way through to certify next year.

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We have big plans for Ecologi Zero. As we release new features it will evolve from a carbon footprinting tool into a full net-zero platform. Join us at the start of an exciting journey.

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About Ecologi

By joining the Ecologi Zero community you’ll be helping to take the first steps in decarbonising the world's economy. Ecologi has helped 13,500 businesses take climate action already. We have reduced two million tonnes of CO2 and funded the planting of over 45 million trees in reforestation projects around the world. By joining Ecologi Zero you’ll be supporting our mission to reduce half of global greenhouse gas emissions by 2040.

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What our customers say

  • Lucy & Yak

    Lucy & Yak

    "Ecologi is one of the most exciting things we’ve discovered this year!"

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  • Acer UK Logo

    Acer UK

    "Ecologi provide a great solution and excellent service that is easy to use. The team is friendly and helpful too."

    Acer UK
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  • ustwo Games

    "Ecologi are a like minded partner who help us achieve extraordinary results."

    Jane Campbell, Studio Operations Lead
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