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We're adding more features and more accounting software integrations to make the journey to net zero viable for even more businesses.

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Available now for free

Calculate your carbon footprint for free by connecting Ecologi Zero with your accounting data. We’ve made it quick and simple to get a handle on your emissions.

Suitable for: small UK business who operate in a service-based industry.

Integrates with: Xero accounting software



Coming soon

Once you know where your carbon emissions are hiding, create your reduction plan with our expert tips and guidance, and share with your network.

Suitable for: small UK business who operate in a service-based industry.

Integrates with: Xero and Quickbooks accounting software.



The eventual goal

Integrates with: Integrates with: Xero, Quickbooks and many more accounting software providers.

Even more good stuff is coming 🌱

Ecologi Zero Dashboard Overview
Reduce your emissions (coming soon)

You already will have great insights from your Ecologi Zero data and will be starting to take action to reduce your emissions. Soon you’ll see expert-recommended actions in the platform, like optimising your ops for lower emissions, making low-carbon energy and travel choices, and focusing on the highest emitting areas of your supply chain. (And you can help your suppliers tackle their own emissions, it just takes one click to invite them to join you in Ecologi Zero.)

Share Ecologi Zero
Engage and inspire your community (coming soon)

Share your footprint, your reduction plans, and the action you’ve funded! It’s important that you can celebrate your achievements with your business’s customers, workforce and community and inspire them to take action too – which is why we are working on a way that you can easily do this using Ecologi Zero. We’re exploring toolkits and reports that you can generate and share with your networks – watch this space!

Ecologi Zero Dashboard Graph
Set your targets (up next)

Ecologi Zero will guide you through the process of reduction targets to plan for a low-carbon future. Although this won’t be available for some time, with our help, you will be able to set near- and long-term science-based targets to your business emissions inline with the global targets to limit global warming to 1.5C.

Remove what you can't reduce (up next)

Once you’ve significantly reduced your business’s carbon emissions, you’ll need to fund the removal of any residual unavoidable emissions (up to 10% of your case emissions) to reach that net-zero goal. Soon, you’ll be able to use Ecologi’s Impact Shop – the same place you can currently fund high-quality climate solutions in the meantime – to do just that.

Get certified (in the future)

Our ambition is that all of our customers will be able to become Ecologi Zero Certified: a verification built on the leading international benchmark: the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) Net-Zero Standard. We’re working to see how this will look and if implemented, we’ll guide you through the full process of achieving the recognition your business deserves for meeting this significant goal.

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