Hopescrolling: The good news timeline

Matt Wright

Matt Wright

The good news timeline

  • November

    11th November

    The Prince of Wales unveiled the five inspirational winners of the annual Earthshot Prize this week in Singapore. The prize was awarded to a variety of fantastic organisations, including Acción Andina, an amazing initiative restoring forests all along the Andes mountain range that was co-founded by our partner Global Forest Generation alongside ECOAN.


    11th November

    Museums across the UK have committed to taking collective action against the climate crisis after the first-ever UK Museum COP was held at the Tate Modern. The sector has pledged to “engage audiences with the climate crisis and inspire them to take positive action”, as well as reduce its environmental impact.

    (The Guardian)

    3rd November

    The Galápagos’ Española Island has seen a remarkable resurgence of giant tortoises, where their numbers have surged from a mere 14 to approximately 3,000, thanks to a successful, decades-long conservation effort.

    (Smithsonian Magazine)

    3rd November

    The Dogger Bank Wind Farm, located off England’s north-eastern coast, has successfully generated its inaugural power supply. This significant milestone marks a major step towards sustainable energy solutions, as the project harnesses the power of wind to contribute clean electricity to the UK grid.

    (New Scientist)

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